About Me

Hunter LIke Headhunter Technical Recruiting

Award winning background as a top producer in recruitment – Specializing in technical & executive recruiting.

Your needs are important to me. Together we will quickly put together a plan of action based on your specific goals. You will see rapid results, and can count on me to help during the entire process. My expert sourcing and closing skills will assist us in securing you the top talent in your niche.

You and I will work together as a team. You get the advantage of my years of experience, skills, connections, and sincere care to strategize and place you in the ideal next step for your career. We will address all of the things that are important to you including type of work, money, location, company culture, flexibility, etc. My goal is to provide you the best possible service and results! My track record backs it up.

My background is a mix of technology and sales/psychology. I can code a bit and am passionate about technology. I have a proven track record of successfully growing companies at both the senior management and individual contributor level in a wide variety of areas including Internet, software, firmware, hardware, and manufacturing.

It is a pleasure making a living securing top talent for growing companies and placing people in jobs they love. I hope to be able to work with you! Please contact me to discuss how I can help you meet your hiring or career advancement needs.


Please contact me to share how we can partner together to find you the IDEAL PEOPLE for your team or find you your OPTIMAL next job.

HunterLikeHeadHunter@gmail.com or 650-240-2161